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vi                   HISTORY OF PERSIA



The Period of the Caliphate, A.IX 632-1258*—The GciUMloj;i«Ml
Table of the Kureish—The Election of Abu Ik'kr -The Re-
bellions, A.H. ii (632)—The Battle on the Vcrmuk, A.H. 13 (<»u)
—The Death of Abu Bekr and the Accession of Om;tr, A.II, tj
(634)—The Capture of Damascus, A.H. 14 (635)—UK* Caputtv of
Antioch and the Capitulation of Jerusalem, A.H. 15 (6}$) Tlu«
Conquest of Egypt, A.H. 19-20 (640-641)-—The Assassinaiiwj tif
Omar, A.H. 33 (644)—The Accession of Othman* A.H, z$ (644)
The Expansion of Islam to the West, A.H, 15-31 (646 (*$i) Hit*
Campaigns in Persia, A.H. 31 (652)—The Murdor of Othtnun. A.H.
35 (656)-—The Election of AH, A.H. 35 (<S$fi) Mtiavia, thr

'^                      rn     •_      rr*t. _ T«____i_.___j.'^.^  ,.r Vxr^.„'...^..:.,..,t A..r., .» •    t ,,

The Kharijitcs—The Last Years of All's Caliphate—
tion, A.H. 40 (661)—His Character—The Position of


THE TRAGEDY OP KERBELA       .            .            .            .            •

The Accession of Hasan and his Abdication* A.H* 40 (661)
The Death-bed Warning of Muavia to Yezid, A.H, 61 (f»Ho) *n«*
Invitation to Husayn from the Inhabitants of Kufh The Murrh
on Kufa — The Tragedy — The Journey to Dawaacua «ud thr
Return to Medina—The Passion Plays—The Hiatnrit'n! l*a»i* «!'
the Shia Sect—Its Religious Basis and Doctrines.

PERSIA A PROVINCE OF THE OMAVYAD CALXPHATK            .             *      47
The Omayyad Dynasty—The Position of Muavia strengthened
by the Adherence of Ziad—Moslem Progress in the Eatt^-The
Power and Prosperity of Muavia—Vezid declared Heir-Apparent,
A.H. 56 (676), and his Succession in A.H. 61 (68o)—The Rebellion
of Ibn Zobayr, A.H. 61 (680)—The Bokhara Campaign—The
Campaign of the Northern Beduin against the Southern Beduin«
A.H. 46-65 (666-685)—The Divisions in the Caliphate, A,H, 61-
73 (680-692)—The Massacre of the Enemies of Husayn, A,B, 66
(685)—The Azrakites~The Rebellion of Ibn-al-Aihtth, A.H. 80
(699)—The Rebellion of Musa ibn Khazim—Death and Char-
acter of Abdul Malik—The Campaigns iiftCentral Alia, A,H, 86~
96 (705-714)—The Advance to the Indus, A.H. 8^-96 (707-714)
—The Achievements of Welid, A.H» 86-96 (705^714)—The
Campaigns of Yezid in Qurgan and Tabaristan, A.H, 98 (716^-